Slide VISION VISION We believe every creative should be able to earn a living from their talents and every penny we are getting from our supporters as a non profit organisation means we’re getting better at serving our mission towards the fulfilment of our vision. In a nutshell, to give paid work and knowledge back to the art workers. Our vision has six parts looks_two 2500 job contracts
We want to make earning a living in the cultural sector a valued, popular, and respected career path. That starts with expanding the number of people working with us in our productions. If we’re not helping creatives earn money and having contractual obligation, we’re not helping them earn a living. Fairly, ethically, lawfully.
VISION VISION VISION looks_4 100% free practices
We do not want to have any financial support by working individuals, parents or students. We offer our services for free to everyone particularly to under-represented communities and individuals who need it the most. Any financial source comes from our own efforts to find the right open calls and governmental bodies to support us.
VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION looks_one 100 productions
Yes, that's a hundred. Our success is measured by the success and involvement of our participants. The more support we get, the more we can give paid work back to creatives. Nothing stays in the bank. We are devoted in giving everything back to the communities we live, work and create.
looks_6 100% independent
We won’t sell, take investors, or go public. Our trustees are our investors. Investors who believe in our vision and commit to our ethos that we serve art workers only for the betterment of their present and future through the power of creative minds and innovative technologies.
looks_3 1000 mentees in our
mentorship program

We want to teach everything we learn in the professional arts sector. We have experienced the ‘’feeling lost’’ situation by leaving behind the safety net of our colleges, families and our own countries in order to pave our own way in the freelance world. We want to be the experienced person we ourselves wanted to have by our side when we were lost in the vast world of culture.
looks_5 100% remote with a small team
We adore inclusivity (exactly as our values state!). We just believe that a small team of leaders gives us the opportunity to focus on what matters most, including pushing our team to do the best work of their lives to be able to reinvest in our productions and participants.
VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION VISION Not many organisations make it there, but we’re not most organisations. We don’t know how long it will take, and we don’t care. Achieving this vision is the embodiment of our mission and it is why we exist. We envisage to be an established cultural organisation that eliminates the uncertainty the art workers deal with due to lack of work by creating more paid work as well as an organisation that teaches everything its members know by mentoring with structured and actionable knowledge that is central to inclusive, plural, open and sharing societies.