10 & 11 september 2021 - ancient theatre of demetrias

A modern approach to the classic tragedy of Prometheus Bound.

Α classic approach to modern dance.

As part of ALL OF GREECE ONE CULTURE – Program 2021 – of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

And through the darkness, light emerged. A gift or a curse? Decision or crash?

Prometheus knows what his fate is and yet chooses, in a clear act of self-sacrifice and bravery, as the ultimate proof of love, to challenge the orders of the almighty Zeus’ authority. Despite his titanic immortality, he offends the worldly order by taking the side of mortals and is severely punished for it. He, however, remains true to his beliefs and guided by his ethos, accepts his endless exile. But what is the end?

In his first full-scale dance production, Stefanos Dimoulas chooses the challenge of the shocking tragedy of Aeschylus, and around it composes the universe of Titan Prometheus. In two unique performances within the as part of ALL OF GREECE ONE CULTURE – Program 2021 – of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, we have the opportunity to watch the tests that the all-time-classic tragedy projects to the modern society, at Ancient Theater of Demetrias, just a few kilometers from the center of the city of Volos.

The characters are challenged by the authorities and social stereotypes and discover their strengths in dance worlds. Using one of the greatest tragedies of all time as a starting point, the characters retrieve memories and experiences, balancing between the boundaries between reality and mythology.

With intense aesthetic and emotional fluctuations, atmospheric and haunting images, the viewer is transported into a dark, mythical story. The production deals with contemporary themes with bold stage presentation and strong questions.

Are the brave ones justified eventually? Is it worth sacrificing yourself for the common good? Is there always hope for the best? Does the protagonist need to fulfill certain social “musts, excel in strength, grace, beauty, intelligence, or always be attracted to the opposite sex?

Stefanos Dimoulas choreographs with the Aeschylian tragedy as his starting point following a neoclassical technique, the combination of classical ballet with modern dance and physical theater elements. Free, harmonious movements, clean body lines and dynamic contrasts between speed and dramatic immobility make up the sensational performance of Titan Prometheus.

For the music of the performance, Ermis Geragidis follows an unconventional, cinematic approach, melodically connecting the scenes with dark compositions that are, however, illuminated by moments of optimism, in harmony with the Aeschylian tragedy. Unfolding a crescendo for strings, piano and other orchestral instruments, all the sounds come together with electronic processing to form the desired immersive atmosphere.

The sets and costumes of the show combine the grandeur of opera and the abstraction of minimalism. Ilenia Douladiri draws inspiration from Dimoulas’ approach to Titan Prometheus and visualises the universe of the mythical titan, wrapped in the agony, gloom and muscular tension of the performance, composing poetic images with strong visual aesthetics, elegance and realism.

The Ancient Theater of Demetrias, a symbol of the region’s cultural heritage that flourished in the Hellenistic period, will transport us to the otherworldly place of Prometheus’ punishment, to a modern approach to classical tragedy, to a classical approach to modern dance.

A mystagogic experience that, through the psychological transitions, the intense emotions, the cruel punishment of the Titan, ends up in the catharsis. An riveting emotion in an imposing dance performance where the black pointe shoes follow the electrified melodies and discover the unknown limits of self-sacrifice and conflict with power.

production team

Dramaturgy – Direction – Choreography: Stefanos Dimoulas

Art Direction: Lida Koutromanou
Music: Ermis Geragidis
Set – Costume Design: Ilenia Douladiris
Lighting Design: Sofia Alexiadou
Assistant Set – Costume Design: Ioanna Kalavrou
Assistant Choreographer: Angela Kalantzi
Assistant Composer – A’ Violin: Anna Thana
Set Production: Stefanos Kaniouris
Costume Production: “Vestiaire”, Eleni Melissari
Special Structures: Gwgw Konsta, Nikos Douladiris
Stage Production: Concept Copa Service

Stefanos Dimoulas, Sabina, Amendola, Nasta Kontopidis, Tasos Pappas-Petridis, Ioanna Chrisomalli

Production Manager: Aris Laskos
Production Assistant: Alexandra Tsipni-Kolaza
Communications: Ero Pastrikou, Lida Adamaki-Trantou


Stefanos Dimoulas was born in Volos where he started taking ballet lessons at the Municipality Dance School at the age of 4, before joining the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on a full scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Ballet. He is the first ever Greek artist to be a Forbes lister (30 Under 30 Europe in Arts & Culture, 2023) and has been a keynote speaker at Panteion University’s Tedx (Athens, 2021). He is the Founder and Executive Director of Culture Select NPO.


Stefanos Dimoulas is currently operating between Greece and London.

Previous works: La Traviata – The Royal Opera House with Placido Domingo, Principal Dancer in Cunning Little Vixen – Welsh National Opera & Opera North, Little Match Girl – Balo Arthur Pita, National Geographic United States, BBC1-CBBC Official Chart Show, Ayanfe: A Yoruba Opera – London Bridewell Theatre, Alicia Keys – MTV EMA Awards Glasgow, Kate Moss for Charlotte Tilbury, Rob Woodcox, Something in my heart – Röyksopp, Remember Me – Jennifer Hudson, Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange, H&M, Manos Hatzidakis ”Reflection in the Mirror” by Dimitris Vernikos.

Sabina Amentola was born in Athens and holds a diploma as a dancer and dance teacher from the Ministry of Culture.

Previous works: Reflections – Quick Sand Dance Theatre Company, Swan Lake – Greek Youth Ballet, Hansel & Gretel – ACB Company. 

Nasta Kontopidis was born in Athens and is a graduate of the Greek National Opera.

Previous works: Company Member – Tavaziva Dance Company, Best 20 – So You Think You Can Dance Greece, Snow Queen, Don Quixote, The Cunning Little Vixen – Greek National Opera. 

Tasos Pappas-Petridis was born in Athens and is a graduate of the Greek National School of Dance.

Previous works: Kosmos by Antonis Foniadakis – Athens Epidaurus Festival Logo, Aura – International Youth Dance Festival of Macau, Graham Eve Project New York – Arthrosis Dance Company.

Ioanna Chrysomalli was born in Kavala and is a graduate of the Greek National Opera.

Previous works: Company Member – Frances Patrelle Dance Company New York, Dancer – Opera Constanta, Giselle, Cinderella, Swan Lake – Greek National Opera.


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