Slide WE ARE WHO WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE Culture Select is a non-profit organisation with a mission to support creative and innovative performing professionals mainly from Greece by creating new projects and by operating a new professional development program through mentorship. WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE We are career-driven professionals, not money-driven. The only reason we are applying for grants is so that we can secure the funds to pay everyone involved in our productions and in our educational programs fairly and respectfully. Art, creation, culture, knowledge is not our hobby, it is our job.

Culture Select is led by trusted individuals who are leaders in their sectors that broker, maintain and curate relationships among their community. We aspire to be millennial and Generation Z professionals and entrepreneurs – the doers, thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.
WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WE ARE NOT WHO • pretentious. We are here to work hard and deliver more in Culture.

• we have no affiliation or link to any political party, political group or government agency.

• we are not a lobbying organisation or pressure group.

• we do not identify with any political, religious or ideological viewpoint.

• we do not tolerate any type of discrimination, abuse or racism.

Especially those last ones can be flushed down the toilet, thank you!