Slide WE DO WHAT We exist to help performing artists and widely people in the performing arts earn a living by working in our projects and gain industry knowledge by joining our mentorship program. Every organisation knows WHAT they are doing. Every organisation knows WHO their intended audience is. A smaller part knows HOW they do it. And only a few know WHY they do it. Yet that WHY is the reason people want to have a product or service. We want to be sharing our WHY with everyone because if you believe in what you do and know why you do it, someone else will be able to believe in it too.

We believe in WHAT we do, we trust WHO we work with, we know HOW to do it and we are passionate of the reasons WHY we do it.
WE DO WE DO WE DO WE DO WE DO WE DO WE DO WE DO But we aren’t limited to these two… Production Making: Giving life to creative ideas. Bringing them on stage or screen by hiring and fairly remunerating creative professionals.

Mentorship Program: Delivering clear & concise actionable steps to help achieve each creative’s unique objectives without them paying a penny.

Slide WE ARE FOR WHO Performing artist refers to someone who uses their voice, body or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression and deliver an arts experience, mostly on stage or on screen.

Examples are: dancers, actors, musicians, musical theatre performers, singers, stand-up comedians, circus artists

Professionals in the performing arts sector refers to people who in their professions use their creative and practical behaviours for an artistic result, mostly behind-the-scenes.

Examples are: choreographers, directors, producers, writers, stage managers, crew, technicians, composers, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers, photographers, hairdressers, make up artists, visual artists, publishers, curators, filmmakers, sound engineers, arts administrators, talent agents, teachers or lecturers, educators, marketers, press managers, storytellers.
We mainly focus on Greek performing artists and generally professionals in the performing arts sector. WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR WE ARE FOR But we are not only open to Greek performing artists - any person involved in the performing arts that we are capable of including in our productions or mentorship program is welcome!

Slide WE WORK HOW We are a cultural non-profit organisation which DOES NOT ask for funds from individuals, workers, parents, students, cats or dogs. WE WORK WE WORK WE WORK You can also download our Articles of Association here. WE WORK WE WORK WE WORK WE WORK WE WORK The funds are solely received based on the joint cooperation with Local and Regional Authorities, associations, unions, organisations, associations, civil or commercial companies and other legal entities. But never for-profit. Whatever we receive, we give back to the communities where we live, work and create.

Let us break it down for you:
looks_oneOur team applies for grants and sponsorships.
looks_twoOnce we receive a positive reply, we start operating. That means that we create projects and we implement our mentorship program.
looks_3We remunerate fairly the people involved for their work.

Don’t believe us? We do not blame you.

We were quite suspicious of non-profit organisations’ trustworthiness (and still are). That is why we have laid everything here for you. We are a proudly registered cultural non-profit organisation under the number 4598/2020 of the Greek Law and an acquired legal personality governed by the provisions of articles 741 of the Civil Code, based in Volos, Magnesia.
(sorry, it’s in Greek as this is the country we are registered!)

Slide WE DO IT And because we come from there of course! Because we want to create more work. WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT (ok last one… why Greeks?) WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT One thing is for sure: we will never stop learning and we will never stop teaching what we learned. WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WE DO IT WHY (just a few more ‘’whys’’) After a decade of performing and casting experience, we have come to this conclusion: Art workers are unquestionably the most hard working professionals. But instead of spending their time in actual jobs, they are spending their time in finding jobs! That’s why we created this organisation with the highest of hopes to create more work for them. After a decade of teaching and tutoring experience, we have come to this conclusion: There are limited sources of shareable industry knowledge. It’s either spread amongst hundreds of blogs online or via expensive courses/sessions or only in capital cities. That’s why we have put great effort and time to create our own mentorship program for performing artists which delivers clear & concise actionable steps to help achieve each creative’s unique objectives.

We want to become the knowledgable person we ourselves wanted to have when we were feeling lost in the broad world of culture. Free, inclusive, tailored, personable.
• Because we know from our own experiences that Greece has so much talent, creativeness, passion, dynamics, versatility but gives minor work opportunities and teaching resources to its creative people. • Because we believe that delivering art is essential just like the Culture Action Europe’ s (CAE) values state.

• Because we believe that the cultural sector should be constantly enriched with new productions and ideas, new knowledge and personalities.

• Because we breathe, live and exist in culture.

• Because we want to practically reinforce that art is work not a hobby.

• Because we were fed up of waiting for the big YES from someone to whom we fit the casting requirements and gives us ‘’permission’’ to perform.
Because we want to share more knowledge.